deva alchi | musician, producer, saxophonist, flutist and sound healer ibiza

deva alchi | musician, producer, saxophonist, flutist and sound healer ibiza

DEVA ALCHI - Musician, producer, saxophonist, flutist & sound healer Ibiza

Deva's passion for music brought him around the world as a professional musician for saxophone, percussion, piano, guitar and flute performances, including the successful GURU JOSH PROJECT, until 1996, when he decided to stay in Ibiza.
He became a popular musician within the Ibiza scene, had residences in KM5, Blue Marlin, Eden, Manumission, Teatro Pereyra and Sunset Asharam and played frequently during opening parties, special events, festivals and private parties, where the charismatic musician got everyone on the dance floor quickly.
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Deva Alchi - Sax Ibiza for performances during events, weddings or parties.

The extremely talented Deva, is also involved in making music for meditations, courses, workshops and spiritual festivals for 15 years and followed trainings at the Osho Gautama Multiversity in Italy, the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, Sound-music healing in Auroville, India, Vision Quest, and the sun and star Shamanic process "camino rojo", in Mexico and Ibiza.
He knows, like no other, that sounds nourish our nervous system, and that the primary function of the ear is to nourish the neocortex of the brain, so you can use healing sounds to balance mental health and mental balance and improve overall health.

With the help of many different instruments an atmosphere is created in which you are immersed in healing sounds, giving you the chance to experience vibrations down to the subtle layers of your body. This provides a deep state of relaxation and a harmonious sense of balance and well-being - in addition, it will help you discover "the art of listening" that takes you to the "present" where self-healing happens naturally.

For a sound bath Deva uses 150 different instruments, such as wooden, bamboo and clay flutes, saxophone, shamanic drums, tibetan bell sets, gong plate bells, earth gong, crystal bowlset, tambura, Japanese coto, storm sound, oceanic drum, solfège tuning forks, hand harp, mono cord, Shruti, percussion instruments, Ocarima, Guitar, Double xylophone, Yembe, Darbuka, Sound Stone, dream gong, big sound wind chimes, hanging chimes, Wind Gongs, Pulse Tube Chakra, Pseltry, Kantele, Anantar, Tubulon and didgeridoo.

Because of the knowledge that musical sounds are the door to meditation and sound vibrations bring about self-healing, he decided to share his knowledge and experience by means of individualized musical workshops and therapies, such as: SOUND BATH MEDITATION (group), individual MEDICINAL SOUND SESSIONS (1 - 3 persons) and TANTRA SOUND THERAPY (pairs or individually).
Deva Alchi is one of the initiators of the upcoming Sound Healing & Therapeutic Music Training with sound researcher, educator and music producer. Joshua Leeds, held in Ibiza from April 18-23, 2018.

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